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Nextbase uses a six-lens system for extra clarity, and the 140-degree viewing angle is decent; it allows you to capture objects in the periphery. There are two mounts, so you can choose to use to stick it to your windscreen using adhesive pads of a suction mount . You also get cable clips with adhesive backing, to keep the cable tidy, and a shorter USB cable for connecting to your PC. Bonus marks are awarded for including a big 32Gb micro SD card and a 30-month free extended warranty card in the box. It’s a nice size and shape, so it doesn’t take up much room on the windscreen, but it only has an adhesive mount so you’ll need to get its position right first time.

  • Many wearables such as the Apple Watch support Bluetooth but require a special app in order to use them.
  • In some cases, you may first need to connect via Wi-Fi before you can use Bluetooth.
  • If none of the troubleshooting suggestions in this article are successful, your device may have a hardware defect.
  • If that doesn’t work, unpair the devices from each other and then reconnect them.

Importantly, an infra-red system means it allows you to see what’s going on even in extreme low light, at night . If you want GPS, for recording of speed and location, you’ll need a special GPS mount . There’s also no ability to connect to a smartphone, which means sharing footage can only be done by connecting to a computer via USB, transferring the file and doing it from there.

Requires an app so you can’t get started until you’ve connected the camera to your phone, which, is not at all simple. Manually locking footage of an accident or event isn’t hard – there’s a small button on the right side of the device to do so, although it’s only marked with a small red dot, which isn’t as obvious as it could be. Having said all that, the whole process probably takes minutes and once the installation is complete, you’ll not have to worry about it again. In theory, anyway – a chip in our car’s windscreen meant replacement glass and a refit. Oh, and if you have a dog that rides in the boot, you may find it enjoys a good chew of the rear view camera and cables. Sticking with the MiVue Pro app, it’s simple to live view from the camera but that’s a slightly unnecessary feature, given this model has a screen. More useful is the ability to download the clips, enabling you to then share to social media, or via email or the National Dash Cam Safety Portal as evidence of a crash, for example.

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Although we set it up with a decent view of the road, due to the position of the camera lens it may not be suited to all right-hand drive cars, so try before you buy. On a UK, right-hand drive car, the right edge of the mirror is pushed toward the nose of the car, meaning the camera is some distance from the windscreen. The 612GW also has an auto-dimming function for the screen at night , a time lapse mode and spoken announcements for when key features are activated. Nextbase also offers its own video editing software on a disc. By default it logs a high and low quality version of each video file, meaning footage should be easy to share even if you don’t have a fast internet connection. Sounds complicated but it’s really not – anyone can do it in just a few minutes.

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Fine-tuning the angle can be done by sliding the camera lens up or down in the housing, but you have to connect to the Halfords dash cam app via WiFi to do so. The app was simple to install and connecting to the camera was quick and easy. As mentioned, the HDC200 includes WiFi connectivity, allowing it to connect to an app on your smartphone. It records 1080p video on continuous loops, includes audio , has a G-sensor to detect collisions and a parking mode, so bumps while you’re away from the car can be captured. But as with the HDC200, there’s no GPS to record speed or location – for that you will want to look at the HDC300, which also has the ability to connect a rear camera, but that’ll cost you an extra £30. And the rear-view camera, which mainly offers a view of the cabin interior (great for cabbies, we’d suggest), although you can see out of the rear and side windows to some extent, means it gets an extra star.

As soon as you power up the Apeman starts recording and you’ll see footage from both camera on the screen, so getting going is nice and simple. We love the easy-to-use touchscreen and the video quality is surprisingly decent. The fact that there are two cameras is a major selling point, and set-up is simple. But marks are knocked off for not having GPS or smartphone connectivity for easy file sharing. Sadly there’s no option for connecting to a smartphone so sharing footage has to be done using a PC, after transferring the files via USB. That’s not too much of a chore, but a bit antiquated these days. A battery in the unit means parking mode can work even if the device isn’t hardwired, though only for short periods of time.

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It is easy to fit and remove the dash cam from its mount, but if drivers wish to change vehicle they will need to buy either a replacement sticky pad for the mount (£4.99) or an additional mount (£12.99). There is no optional sucker mount that’s compatible with the F770. However, this is still in the development stages and will Brother hl-l2360dw driver require a software update to work; expect some news in the second half of 2017. The Nextbase 512GW also includes Parking Mode, so if you decide to leave the camera in the car when parked it can detect bumps from other cars and start recording. There’s even a new time lapse mode, which takes snaps along your journey and creates a speeded up video of the trip, should you want one. Supposedly, the 512GW is superior to this camera as it has an anti-glare polarising filter, although the difference in quality is minimal. That is to say, the footage from the 412GW is also superb, day and night.

We’d also imaging the battery will perish quite quickly due to the effects of extreme heat and/or cold inside the cabin, so if this is important to you, have a pro connect it up to the car’s fuse box. Being a dual camera dash cam installation is a bit trickier, with one camera going on the front windscreen , and the other going on the rear windscreen .

As mentioned, the F770 is WiFi enabled, so connects to a smartphone. That allows users to change the unit’s settings, such as whether or not you want it to capture footage should the car be bumped when parked . The app connects to the dash cam using a generic password and is easy to navigate and operate. You’ll need it, as it’s the only way to check the camera’s view of the road ahead, other than watching back recorded video footage. The device is controlled via buttons on the unit or using a free app on your smartphone. But again, you need to be in the car to operate any of this, as the dash cam needs to be powered up. Thinkware, a South Korean manufacturer, supplies an adhesive mount that attaches to the inside of the windscreen and secures the F770.

The Apeman C550 is a low cost dash cam and that’s reflected in the fact that there’s no built-in GPS and the quality of the footage is not brilliant, particularly from the rear camera. At night, WDR is even more important, and the footage from the front camera is quite grainy but passable. You can forget about the rear camera, though – it produces some of the least acceptable footage we’ve ever seen from a dash cam. The little rear camera offers really poor quality footage, sadly, both in terms of resolution and focus. It’s better than not having a rear camera at all (and for £62 all in, what did we expect?) but if you want clarity you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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