Itachi Uchiha: The Cautionary Tale Of A Child Soldier. (Analysis/Video Essay)

you taught you Qi huh the Seon of the you Jia clan the outcast you thought she lived his life in exile banished from the hidden leaf and on the run after murdering his family but why why do you touch he really do this beyond power beyond Danzo and the Third Hokage why do you touch his past experience lead to this what is the cautionary tale that we were to glean from his death people often treat what he did is a moment of inner strength and wisdom killing his clan to save his village from them because he had no choice but people forget that he was 13 when he did this I think his choice to kill his clan wasn’t wisdom or even the only option he was a 13 year old with unmanaged PTSD who was manipulated and used and lied to made to think that he had to kill his clan Itachi story is a cautionary tale though the pressure adults put on children to rise and be great the way that they wish for them to be and the pressure on the gifted for you to be more than one adults around them are the pressure he taught his dad put on him to be a spy for his clan against the village and the pressure the village put on him to be a double agent had a serious mental toll on him he talked he lived his life torn between his loyalty to the village and the hundreds of thousands who would die for salmon revolted and the family who was relying on him as their future leader to help them revolt and takeover in order to free themselves from a government that was heavily oppressive toward them there was no clear example of who was right and who was wrong and his Hachi was 13 but his friend and cousin shisui gave him a third option use his cousin’s power to control the minds of the village leader and his family and forced him to agree on peace it was betray one the other or both but in that choice was stolen from him when his cousin was attacked and had one of his eyes the basis of his power ripped out by one of the village leaders Danzo so he went to Itachi and placed the power and responsibility of protecting this power and everyone else onto him so now he thought she was trying to raise his little brother and show him love because their father was too busy to do it himself be the leader of an elite black ops assassination squad for the village a spy for his family and the double agent for the Hokage and prove he didn’t murder his cousin and try to find a way to face his family’s mess and in the time leading up to him killing his clan it’s obvious there are moments where he thought she loses his cool than attacks people who antagonize him disobeying his father without his usual care attacking family members and threatening village leaders Itachi grew up during Wars forced to kill in an immune ninja he tried to save at seven years old and the trauma of seeing so many dead and killing on the battlefield was starting to shell more than before the emotional healing his little brother had given him then his friends had given him we’re starting to come undone and then Danzo showed up Danzo one of the village leaders the one who killed Itachi’s cousin tells you taught you that if he doesn’t make a choice soon the village will kill his entire clan including his brother at this point he talked he loves three people his brother his mother and his lover so we talked to you makes a choice before anyone else does with help from the man named Maura you talk to you supposed the dead grandfather who he taught you watching murder his childhood friends on his first mission as a child Itachi kills his entire clan personally killing the girl he loves his father confronts him revealing that he has the same secret powers Itachi refuses to fight him this is the path Itachi chose and his father forces him to follow it it’s even hinted at that his father hypnotized his mother so that she couldn’t escape when he talked he entered to kill them sobbing as his father tells him he loves him and that he’s a good person Itachi kills his parents with his own sword and upon leaving guess who sees his little brother home late from school that night walking in the room as Itachi kills their parents Itachi knows he can’t tell the truth so he lies to his seven-year-old brother tells them that he killed their clan because he simply wanted to as a test for his new powers Itachi a 13 year old who has been suicidal since he was eight knows that he can’t kill himself Danza would kill his brother if he did their village would suffer since no one could stop him he talks he wants to die but he has to protect the village and his brother so he places the delusion his brother’s head making him watch Itachi killed their family over and over again he talked he leaves and talks to Danzo and the Hokage the leader of the village and warns them if any harm comes to Sasuke the village will suffer Itachi leaves the village and nine years later dies during the fight with his brother his untreated diseases and his brothers attacks being too much for him to handle Itachi dies 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