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It is a very cheap game now and holds up very well to age. “Dead Island” is a very old game franchise originally made for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. This game came out during the zombie craze of the early 2010s. They are very fast paced first-person shooters in which your main goal is to leave the zombie infested island.

Sometimes it’s reality that offers the deepest chills. Serena is a first-person Myst-style point-n-click adventure set in a small cabin where the male protagonist tries to figure out what’s wrong with his memory and what happened to his wife, Serena. The results will undoubtedly shock you, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. It’s not sheer terror for the most part, but unnerving? It’s a simple game with a lot of clicking, but well worth playing.

  • The FGC is the source of some of the most entertaining drama and rivalries in all of esports.
  • There are also a few life-sim mechanics as well, so you can go fishing or explore your friend’s towns.
  • For their Final Smash, these perfect partners call upon a flock of Jinjos and the Mighty Jinjonator to deal the final blow to any “feeble jerk” that may stand in their way!
  • As far as pixel-based indie games go, this release offers enough content to keep players busy for a while.
  • This pack also includes the Spiral Mountain stage (which umm…spirals!), as well as a selection of music from the Banjo-Kazooie™ series.

The shortest game on this list is also scary roblox games the one that’s most likely to make you reevaluate your life. At minutes it’ll hardly make a dent in your computer time, and yet it’s nail-biting as you wait for the thing to happen. I’m not going to spoil anything, but you know something is going to happen just on the little you know already – and that’s enough.

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When someone has been tapped, he should scream and lie down to show that he has been murdered. The murderer can try to tap as many victims as he can before the lights come back on. This game is one of the original third-person horror shooters and is a slow paced game for modern standards but is a lot of fun. game centered around protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he is pulled through a world full of some pretty scary locals, and even scarier creatures. What this game lacks in story, it makes up for it in the atmosphere it creates. You will be freaked out from start to finish and it is available for about $10. “Until Dawn” is an interactive story-based survival game that plays almost like an interactive movie in which you make big decisions, and each one could mean the difference between life and death.

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You choose from a cast of characters each having different strengths and weaknesses. “Alien Isolation” is a game which takes place in the universe of Aliens. The game takes place on a space station the style of a 1980s futuristic movie in which you are trying to understand what happened to your mother, while constantly being chased and hunted down by a single alien. You will not be able to fight this alien, only outsmart it. I played this game when it first came out in 2014, and it is a must play even if you were not a fan of the original movie.

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The eight characters you follow decide to go camping. After getting stuck there, strange things start happening as they are hunted. Your goal is to keep them alive, and after playing through it myself, it’s a lot harder than you think. This game goes for about $15 and is a PlayStation exclusive. It is your job to figure out what happened to your wife by uncovering the mysteries in the book. This game is an Xbox exclusive but was released way back on the 360.

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